6.14 Visiting in care homes

The Scottish Government has published visiting guidance, Open with Care: supporting meaningful contact in care homes

Care homes should familiarise themselves with the content of this collection of guidance to ensure resident, staff and visitor safety. The guidance on visiting during the pandemic includes tools and resources on visiting, and supporting residents in homes during COVID-19.

Open with Care sets out how indoor contact in care homes will gradually increase while minimising COVID-19 risks to residents, staff and visitors. Continued attention to safety measures in relation to the pandemic are essential for everyone. This includes hand hygiene, PPE as appropriate, ensuring good airflow (as far as reasonably comfortable), and rigorous cleaning of surfaces before and after visits. 

Visitors must be informed of and adhere to IPC measures as advised, including FRSM, hand hygiene and not attending with COVID-19 symptoms or before a period of self-isolation has ended, whether identified as a case of COVID-19 or as a contact

A log of all visitors must be kept, which may be used for Test and Protect purposes.