1 - Individual placement/assessment for infection risk

You need to regularly monitor the resident for infection throughout their stay so the correct precautions are in place to minimise the risk of infection being spread to other residents.

Residents may be an infection risk if they have:

CPE should be considered if the resident meets any of the following criteria within the
12-month period before admission:

CPE guidance for a care home setting is available.  

Staff must:

get advice on the resident’s clinical management from their GP and advice on appropriate IPC management from either your local Health Protection Team or Infection Prevention and Control Team;  

make resident placement decisions based on advice received or sound judgement by experienced staff who are involved in the resident’s management;

let the ambulance service know of the resident’s infectious condition if they need to go to hospital;

not move residents within/between care areas unless essential.

Resident isolation requirements within the care home

Sometimes you will need to isolate a resident in their own room or area because of a known or suspected infection, it is important that: 

Residents remain in their rooms whilst considered infectious and the door should remain closed.

If it is not possible for example the resident has dementia, then there needs to be individual risk assessments and decisions taken documented.

Suitable discrete signage is placed on the door advising others not to enter the room.

Consideration is given to the use of a dedicated team of care staff to care for residents in isolation/cohort rooms areas as an additional IPC measure. This is known as ‘staff cohorting’ and must only be done if there are enough staff available.

You do not stop isolation until you have considered individual risk factors and how this could affect other residents, staff and visitors.

You may need to contact your local health protection team or infection prevention and control team for further advice.


Read the patient placement, isolation and cohorting literature review to find out more about why we do things this way for resident placement for TBPs.