1 - Resident placement/assessment for infection risk

 An elderly man sitting in his room with a healthcare worker looking at his notes in a folderIf residents have been admitted from another care setting, for example, external care home or hospital try to pre assess them before they are admitted by speaking to the staff from the other care setting.

Before the resident comes into the care home it is important to risk assess them for infection.


Residents who may present a cross-infection risk include those with:

If you suspect or know that a resident has an infection, then details must be confirmed in order for you to put in place the correct IPC measures.


Appendix 11 of the National Infection and Prevention Control Manual tells you the precautions you need to put in place for different infections.

Use the NES SIPCEP Breaking the Chain of Infection module to learn about breaking the chain of infection in care homes. 

Read the placement literature review to understand the evidence base for resident placement.